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This Travel Blog is here to help you while you are on your travels. Visiting any city is a trip full of discovery; seeing the sites, experiencing new smells and tastes, being encapsulated in new sounds! Culture, history new and old, all melding to form an unforgettable adventure. Florence is just so beautiful and discovering it can be so amazing.

One of the best ways to experience the full and real feeling of a city is to walk it's markets! These timeless collecting places have generally stood on the same spot as the meeting places of commerce and people ever since the first birth of its' humane dwellings. A real tell all on the life of the city.

A few hours wondering the market stalls can immerse you in the real-life experience of the bustling heart of the city and Florence is blessed with more than just a few markets!

Whether you fancy finding a bargain at the clothes and apparel stalls at the San Lorenzo market, a dig around flea and book markets or a feast for your eyes in the food, flower and general markets: Florence has them all!

The Florentin markets are right in the heart of rich history - Santa Maria Novella A great buzz at San Lorenzo Market - Florence Lots of leather at the San Lorenzo Market - Florence Mercato Centrale - Florence

While you are wondering the markets, please try the foods you will get plenty of tasters but remember to keep some space for the market restaurant (usually in the covered area), every market will have one and they do extremely good and economical menus. The market restaurant usually have a menu of the day ... try it you will be pleasantly surprised.

.A city rich in it's markets is a city rich in character!

There are five principle markets and about the same number again in smaller more localised markets in Florence.

Some markets are open everyday while others have specified times and days. It should also be noted that some of the markets are very close to one another and you should plan your timings to co-inside with being able to visit both.

See the chart on times, days and products!

Daily Markets .

San Lorenzo Market (Mercato di San Lorenzo)

This market covers a large area and is the most famous and visited of the markets. It is well positioned to access or come from the rich tapestry of the other sights to see and is not far from the Duomo.

Here you can wine away the hours looking at leather products (hand bags, coats, accessories), clothes (designer styles), souvenirs and a whole host of other items according to the seasons.

Do not forget to bargain hunt and as the market is open Tuesday to Saturday during normal shop hours 07.30 TO 19.00 hrs.(Open also every first Sunday of the month) do not be afraid to come back or go to the next vendor!

While you are in the Piazza it is worth paying just a little attention to the San Lorenzo church, this is one of the oldest churches in the city and just around the corner is the Medici chapel.

This market is a good example of being able to explore two markets in one. As the market runs from the Piazza San Lorenzo up the via dell Ariento to via Nazionale (not forgetting all the side streets). In the via dell Ariento on the right as you are heading north westerly is the Central Market.

Central Market (Mercato Centrale)

The central market is housed in a fabulous 1860's building created when the time of steam dominated the society. You will find some of the best Tuscan food here; try the Tuscan cheeses they are great! A wonder through these stalls will tempt your smell and taste buds. A good tip is to have eaten a bit before you arrive or you will want to buy lots of things.

The market is mainly a morning market and is open from 07.00 to 14.00 every day accept Sunday and public holidays. In the winter it is only open on Saturday and days before holidays. It is also positioned near the main train station so if you come in from your accommodation around there think about visiting it first! You can get to it by the via Nazionale.

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